Stairs to Heaven

Khagrachhari is Chittagong’s one of the hill tract area.The hill tract district is located in Chengi and Miny river’s basin. This hilly locality is combined of fountains, forest and numerous hills. Alutila and Richang fountain are two of it’s attractive places for tourists. 2699.26 square kilometres of  this district doesn’t have enough tourist center though number of tourists increasing day by day. Nowadays Hatimura – known as the stairs to heaven has become an attractive  place for tourist. This hill looks like am elephant so locals named it as Hatimura.Chakmas call it “Ade shiro mon” and Tripuras call it “Maiyong kopa” both of them means head of elephant in their respective language. But, it is mostly known as stairs to heaven to tourists. Hatimura is in Perachara union of Khagrachari. This is an immense attraction for tourists because from the top of this hill you can watch the wave of taller green hills. It is like bird’s eyes views of most of the  Khagrachari from the top of that hills. 

There was no road before and locals used to cross it with tree trunk, in 2015 Chittagong hill tract development board has made aa stairs there.  Locals of around 15 villages are now using it to go there. Made in 110-120 degree angle, this stair has 300 step which is 308 feet higher at top of the hills. This artistic stair is a center of attraction for tourist besides a necessity for locals. People from different places gather here to enjoy the nature along with fascination to watch the stair themselves. The name says it all, stairs to heaven, it is actually a heavenly place to enjoy, who knows actual heaven might feel this.

You need to have that enough mental strength to go there becuase you would be walking it all, that long way. From Khagrachari the Perachara is not so far. After crossing the village you will find the beautiful Chengi river with it’s strong current. There is a wooden bridge over the river, you would find it a bit hard on the bridge. You need to walk some part of river by the side of Jum land and sometimes in between empty fileds. After that you would find another village named Bantoisa. Most of the locals are Tripuras. After crossing it you won’t find any locality. But you will see one or two house. After Bantoisa, you need to walk constantly and will see agricultural  lands where indigenous people grow food.  Most of the poeple are farmers. It turns green in monsoon and dry rough at summer and winter. Summertime is difficult because you will need water and there are less people in the far in hills so you need to step into alloy for water, if you’re lucky you can find some wale there.  Those hilly wales are bit strange, a deep hole in the ground amd water is much colder and sweet. There is also a risk of loosing the track. If you cross 900 feet of 1208 feet high hill, you would see the stairs. It looks so easy to cross it but ppactually not. But if you once climb to the top, you will see the desired heaven standing at earth , how beautiful it is! From the end part of the stair you will notice how far you have come leaving a high hill behind and most of the Khagrachari is watchable from there. And in front there is only green and green everywhere.   

How to go

You need to go to Khagrachari directly by bus. From Khagrachari to Panchari you will notice passenger’s stopage at Jamtali. Infront of the stopage there goes a road at left side where Chengi river is flowing. Crossing river you need to take right, and will find a school named Poltonjoy govt primary school. There is a shop right beside the school. Walk the road beside school and after crossing two bamboo bridge you will find a ricemill. Beside that mill there is a narrow road, walk and you will cross another bridge there. After that the road starts which will take you to Bogda Para.  There is a stream and rough high-low altitudes which you need to cross by walking. There is another locality, -Krishok er math tola- named signboard will let you know that it is Kaptola area. Right side of school has a down road, walk straight. After a while you will find the beginning of the beautiful stair of heaven.      

Where to stay

There are many different tourism motels and hotel at Khagrachari.

  • Tohrism motel: every room is of two beds there  

Contact : 0371-6208485

  • Hotel shoilo subarna :

Contact : 0371-61436,  01190-776812।

  • ●       Hotel eco chari inn: this is kind of a resort hotel

Contact : 0371-62625, 3743225।


  • Take enough water before you prepare to go there as it’s really a long way and less locality there.
  • Be generous and friendly with poeple there, if you want to take pictures with indigenous poeple, ask them first politely.    
  • Don’t throw indigestible things like plastic bags and water bottles there.

Be careful while on roads, otheriwse it might be risky and you would be lost forgetting the track.

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